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Suggested Social Media Posts

Click here to download suggested social media posts and messages.

Web Banner Ads

Click here to download sample banner ad copy for your station to customize, or use the 300x250 pixel banner ads provided below. The click-through URL for the following ads should be

Click Here to Download All English Ads in a Zipped File

Individual 300x250 Ads in English:

Individual 300x250 Ads in Spanish:

Click Here to Download All Spanish Ads in a Zipped File

Social Media Graphics

To download these graphics to your desktop, right click on the graphic and select "Save Image As" or "Save File As" and save it to your computer. Once you save it, you can publish it on the social network of your preference, along with the hashtag #PlanToRescan.

Optimized for Facebook:

Facebook: English

Facebook: Spanish

Optimized for Twitter:

Twitter: English

Twitter: Spanish

Optimized for Instagram:

Instagram: English

Instagram: Spanish